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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How is IVF done?

IVF process is the method which is done in certain steps which are explained below.

  • First is -Ovarian stimulation: it starts from the 2nd day of your periods. The Doctor prescribes certain hormonal injection which are given every day for at least 9-10 days and monitors the timing of egg release. Doctor will make sure the hormonal level and other conditions for IVF are normal. Once the size of the eggs are appropriate the trigger is given which means eggs are ready to be take out .
  • Second step – Egg retrieval: In this step, eggs are taken out from female’s ovary by using needle attached to an ultrasound machine under mild anesthesia. Further, eggs are placed in a dish containing nutrient media and further it is shifted to the incubator.
  • Third step – The husband is asked to collect semen sample in a sterilized container.
  • Fourth step -Fertilization: This is the next step called fertilization where male sperm are taken and mixed with the eggs. Then, eggs and sperm are placed in incubator and the process is monitored so that healthy embryo can develop. after 2 or 3 or 5 days the next step comes 
  •  Fifth step -Embryo transfer: It is the last step in which the healthiest embryo is transferred. Initially, the doctor examines so that healthy embryo can be selected. With the help of small plastic tubes, the embryo is transferred.

  • Is IVF Painful?

No not really. The injections which are given are practically painless as they are water based and are given subcutaneously means under the skin.

Egg collection is done under short anesthesia  of 10 -15 minutes so there is no pain and embryo transfers are done without anesthesia which are totally painless as the tube by which we place the embryos are very thin like IUI .

  • Will I deliver by LSCS only if IVF is done?

No generally normal delivery is tried until and unless there is risk to the babies which can happen in normal conception also.

  • How much an IVF costs?

It varies from patient to patient depending on their condition and type of procedure required. You can contact us regarding this. Approximately it costs 1.5 lacks including the medicines.

  • How much time one cycle will take?

It will take around 15 days from 2nd day of the woman’s periods.

  • What is the success rate?

It varies from patient to patient as age and disease play a major role in this. Still we have seen 60-70% results at our center.

  • What is the treatment for no sperm or low sperm count in the semen?

If the count is not too low then IUI can be tried otherwise IVF/ICSI is advised.

If there is no sperms in the semen then either IUI with donor sperms is done or there is process of extracting sperms for the testes directly but need to investigate the male partner

  • If female is suffering from low eggs or poor eggs then what is the treatment?

Depend on the female age. it could be donor egg cycle or pooling of self embryos and then transfer.