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Laser Assisted Hatching


Laser Assisted hatching is used to “soften” the shell of the embryo. This helps to increase pregnancy rates by improving implantation rates since embryo hatching is facilitated.

We can precisely create an opening in the zona (outer layer of the embryo) called zona safely and effectively with the use of a laser.


  • Patients who have had a previous failed IVF or ICSI treatment cycle.

  • Patients undergoing IVF/ICSI for the first time, who are considered poor responders and are having poor ovarian response.

  • Those patients of IVF / ICSI over 37 years.

  • Patients having Frozen Embryo transfer.

  • Patients who in an earlier IVF cycle have had a low fertilization rate, for example, less than one third of the embryos achieving fertilization.

  • Patients with three or less embryos.

  • Patients who request laser assisted hatching should be fully informed of its use and function