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We tried with many doctors for almost 7 years. But not successful. Later we consulted Dr Beena Muktesh, She is an excellent doctor. Due to her treatment I was finally able to conceive. I will be always thankful to Dr. Beena for helping my dream come true.
I wish to express my profound gratitude to Dr. Beena for a well done job during and after my IVF treatment. She treated me like family by always being there and supporting in every which way. I will be obliged forever.
Dr Beena is very cooperative in nature. No long time waiting for consultation. She recommended good medicine i am feeling improvement in my case. Thanku so much.
Dr Beena is a God sent angel for us. After suffering multiple failed IVF cycles over a period of 20 years at various renowned IVF centres, Dr Beena’s experience and the suggested treatment helped us get the biggest gift we were yearning for years. Can’t thank her enough. Wish Dr Beena and her Cloud Nine team continue to enlighten the life of disappointed couples.
Neelam G
Words cannot describe my experience with Dr Beena such considerations and empathy towards patient is difficult to experience! Thank you so much Doctor for your guidance and support highly recommended doctor for everyone ??
Shazia Khan
Dr. Beena Muktesh is God for me.I have got my baby after 11 yrs with her successful Treatment.She is highly professional n very polite.I don’t understand why people can have bad experience with her treatment.I m very much satisfied.God bless you always n keep this spirit high.
Pam Amit

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