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Success Story 1:

A 35 years old female came to me with the history of no periods without medication and Infertility of 10 years. She underwent every possible treatment like IUI many times, IVF 5-6 times at various places and surrogacy with no results. She also underwent hysteroscopy twice but only to get disappointment. She was also a case of tuberculosis and has taken treatment for it On examination I found that she still had eggs in her ovaries but had stopped periods due to adhesions in the uterus means uterus sticking from inside. There was no space in the uterus. A large collection of fluid in her abdomen was seen by ultrasound Which looked like huge cyst in the ovary. Her treatment was split into two phases, First egg collection second Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy. We could get some eggs to fertilize and made one good blastocyst and few day 3 embryos, which were frozen second part was Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy . Cavity in the uterus was created with the help óf hysteroscopy as there was no space in the uterus. Lots of fluid removed from the Abdomen. She was put on hormonal treatment for a month and we transferred that one blastocyst which was frozen earlier Into her uterus. With the grace of God, the pregnancy test came positive. After one week we could see the pregnancy with the help of ultrasound and fetal heart was also seen after another one week. Her pregnancy went alright and she delivered a very charming beautiful baby.




Success Story 2:

28 years female came to me from Assam for the treatment of Infertility. She was treated at various places which failed. She also underwent Laparoscopy ovarian drilling and Hysteroscopy in one of the hospitals in Delhi. One of the ovaries was fibrosed, and in the other ovary various punctures were made to start ovulation. On examination I found that there were no eggs left in any of the ovaries. Her AMH was .53 ng This test shows how many eggs are remaining in the ovaries. The diagnosis of Poor Ovarian Reserve was confirmed. She finished all her eggs only at 28 years of age. In view of very poor ovarian reserve and multiple field IVF cycles she was advised to take egg donor, She agreed and we proceeded with donor. IVF/ICSI was done for her. To our surprised she conceived in the very first cycle with us.