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Diet to improve men fertility


Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School have just published the impact of diet on fertility studies of men and found out that semen quality improves with healthy diet.

Zinc is an essential mineral, and eating enough is important for maintaining good health. Many investigations showed that Zinc contains many unique properties in humans, especially males. The antioxidant quality is one of them. 

Moreover, Zinc helps balance male hormone such as testosterone. It acts as an anti bacterial agent at prostate and urinary system. Zinc deficiency impedes spermatogenesis and is a reason for sperm abnormalities and has a negative effect on serum testosterone concentration. Based on these findings, Zinc micro element is very essential for male fertility.

Now,let’s talk about the food which contains zinc.

  • Zinc fruits include avocados, bananas, blackberries, pomegranates
  • Seeds and nuts like cashews are a healthy and convenient snack that can boost your intake of zinc and many other healthy nutrients. 
  • Some seeds like pumpkin, squash and sesame seeds contain significant amounts of zinc. They are also good source of fiber, healthy fats and vitamins, making them a healthy addition to your diet



  • Food items like chickpeas, lentils and beans all contain substantial amounts of zinc. To improve its absorption they should be processed like heating, sprouting, soaking or fermenting can help improve its bio-availability
  • Vegetables high in zinc include mushrooms, green peas, spinach, lentil sprouts, asparagus, beet greens, broccoli and sweet corn
  • Dairy foods such as milk and cheese are good sources of zinc. They also contain protein, calcium and vitamin D, all of which are important nutrients for bone health.
  • For non vegetarians Meat and Shellfish are good nutrients for make fertility
  • Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E supplementation boosts male fertility. Specifically, it improves sperm count and boosts sperm motility and improves DNA fragmentation.

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  1. Fessy

    Hi Dr? Am 37 . And I don’t have a child and I have being trying but nothing happen at all. Some say am infertile. What can I do to improve this. I stop drinking to see if it works. What are the sing to check if am infertile? Thanks for taking in my question.

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